Michael Mignano

I’m a technology executive and entrepreneur, passionate about empowering people to express themselves creatively through software.

I most recently served as Head of Talk for Spotify, responsible for leading the podcast, live, and video strategies for the world’s leading audio streaming platform. In 2015, I co-founded Anchor, which was acquired by Spotify in 2019, and is now the world’s largest podcasting platform.

I’m also an angel investor and advisor to 50+ startups including AdQuick, Cameo, Coda, Dumpling, The Infatuation, Infinite Objects, Katch, Light Phone, Living Carbon, Magic, MicroAcquire, Nexhealth, Parade, Pawp, Pipe, Playbyte, Polywork, Sandbox VR, Stir, Ten Little, Universe, XMTP, Zola, and several others that have yet to launch.

You can read a longer bio here.