Michael Mignano

I’m a venture capitalist, entrepreneur, and technology executive passionate about empowering people to express themselves creatively through software.

I currently serve as a partner at Lightspeed, a global venture capital firm and one of the earliest investors in companies like Snap, Epic Games, Nest, Grubhub, Giphy, Affirm, and many others. Prior to my role at Lightspeed, I served as Head of Talk for Spotify, responsible for leading the podcast, live, and video strategies for the world’s leading audio streaming platform. In 2015, I co-founded Anchor, which was acquired by Spotify in 2019, and is now the world’s largest podcasting platform.

I’m also an angel investor and advisor to 50+ startups including Cameo, Coda, The Infatuation (acquired by $JPM), Living Carbon, Acquire.com, Nexhealth, Parade, Pawp, Pipe, Sandbox VR, Stir, Ten Little, Universe, XMTP, and several others that have yet to launch.

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